obex-data-server 0.4.5

October 21, 2009 on 6:09 pm | In obex-data-server | 9 Comments

obex-data-server 0.4.5 released: http://tadas.dailyda.com/software/obex-data-server-0.4.5.tar.gz.

Here comes the long awaited new release! In 0.4.5, you will find new major features such as TTY transport support and timeout mechanism. TTY transport can be used for running ods in USB gadgets to serve files through USB OBEX. Timeout mechanism works both for client and server side. In client side (OdsSession object), when sending any request and remote device does not respond in 15 seconds, ods returns Timeout error. Is server side (OdsServerSession), timeout is implemented for transfer suspension: when auto_accept is set to False, Accept() or Reject() have to be called in 15 seconds after new transfer starts (TransferStarted signal). If none of these functions is called, incoming file is automatically rejected.


  • Add support for GET folder listing with name header in server (usually name header is not used!)
  • Fix system bus configuration file according to new default policy
  • Use locales only for filenames (previously caused D-Bus disconnect when translated errors were passed)
  • Refine logging functionality (ability to log to syslog, enable/disable debug messages)
  • Use silent and non-recursive makefiles
  • New OPP test script: ods-opp-test.py
  • Request timeout system (when no response is received from remote device in 15 seconds
    after request was issued, TimeOut error will happen and connection will be closed)
  • Transfer suspension timeout system (when auto_accept is False for server
    and Accept() or Reject() is not called in 15 seconds after TransferStarted
    signal, incoming file will be automatically rejected)
  • Support for TTY transport (server and client). TTY server can be used in USB
    gadgets, session support is somewhat experimental and only for testing purposes
  • A bunch of other bugs fixed and code cleaned up in quiet a few places :)

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