obex-data-server 0.4.3

February 8, 2009 on 5:34 pm | In obex-data-server | 3 Comments

obex-data-server 0.4.3 released: http://tadas.dailyda.com/software/obex-data-server-0.4.3.tar.gz.

0.4.3 includes some very important bug fixes. It also features revised USB support. obex-data-server now depends on openobex 1.4 and libusb. This is needed for new USB stuff, however obex-data-server can still be built with openobex 1.3 by disabling USB support.


  • Fix Nokia SDP workaround (this has been broken back in 0.4)
  • Actually export RemoteCopy and RemoteMove methods
  • Export more information about USB interfaces. ods now depends
    on libusb and openobex 1.4 for usb support. USB support can be
    disable with –disable-usb.
  • Export OBEXCommand in TransferInfo to differentiate between PUT
    and GET requests
  • Various server fixes


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  1. Tadas,

    Good to see some nice progress this year! We’ve been using the recent builds in production for sometime now with GREAT success!

    Quick question about the UUID work around, what does this fix and what Nokia handsets were affected? Does this apply to OPP for pushing files or is it just for FTP requests?

    Thanks again,


    Comment by Heston — February 9, 2009 #

  2. It affects some Symbian based Nokia phones (like Nokia 6630). These phones have several FTP services but the one with default UUID gives empty directory listing. The workaround therefore checks for the other UUID before trying to connect using default UUID. This workaround doesn’t affect OPP.

    Comment by admin — February 9, 2009 #

  3. Hi Tadas, thanks for clarifying that, good work. :-)


    Comment by Heston — February 9, 2009 #

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