Guide to Oslo market #1

January 18, 2009 on 3:12 pm | In StudyInOslo | 3 Comments

When coming to Oslo, I decided that I have to bring only clothes and my laptop, I would buy other things that I need in Oslo shops. Well… Let’s start from biggest failure so far: ethernet cable which is needed if you want internet here in student village.  I didn’t know any computer shops here, so I just searched for that near Academy and I found one. And they had this Hama 3m ethernet cable. It’s 1Mbit and everything but it costs 300 NOK (more than 100 Lt !!). The very same cable costs 15 Lt in Lithuania. I mean what the hell?!


But the real problem is that myself and Andrius bought 2 of these thinking we wouldn’t find it for smaller price :) However, several days later we had to buy one more for Vaiva who just recently also came to Oslo to study piano. This time we asked the IT guy at academy (long unwashed hair, wears some hard rock t-shirt :D ) and he recommended Clas Ohlson store. There you can buy this cable for 79 NOK (not 1Mbit, not shielded, but still costs almost two times more than in Lithuania). For the same 79 NOK at the same store I bought this fine satchel for everyday use:


Another important thing is to have a mobile phone card for calling in Norway and abroad. Lebara mobile offers quite good prices so we got those cards now. Along with a card comes a small instruction book. This is how the first page looks like:


As you can see, they have the instructions in lithuanian (5th flag from the top) :) This represents the nationalities of people using Lebara cards. And they know it because you can’t use the card until you register it (you have to provide your name, country and even address).


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  1. Shops that primarily sell large-ticket goods (computers, cameras) always add huge markups (4x, 5x) on small accessories – cables, memory cards, etc. People buying the computers etc. often won’t notice that they’re overpaying, because their attention is on the total.

    Comment by AMcguinn — January 18, 2009 #

  2. Tadas,
    Hey how are you so long? So you’re on Oslo, studying right?
    Hope you have a great time.

    Comment by Manuel Naranjo — January 20, 2009 #

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