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First of all, this is gonna be a new category in this blog where I’ll post all sorts of interesting and not so interesting stories about what happened during my Erasmus exchange studies here in Oslo. Blah..

The first one is about how I and Andrius (who is also studying in Oslo now) got to Oslo. The beginning is not interesting: pack bags, get to Ecolines bus and go to Riga, then go to Riga airport (if you go by bus, you and every bag of yours cost a ticket, all in all, we both with 4 bags had to pay 2,40 Lat which is about 12 Lt). Since we got to Riga airport at around 23:00 and our flight was departing at 06:50, we had some free time at the airport.


Some time was used to bring our bag weights closer to limits (20Kg for registered bags and 8Kg for hand luggage). Our big bags were at about 23Kg in the beginning and Andrius’ backpack was at 11Kg :) Following is the photo of Andrius with some heavy things incorporated under his coat.


We also spent some time by using the nearby vending machine and discovering a software bug in it. This vending machine was accepting only 5 Lat and smaller nominals, however when I put 10 Lat in it (probably happens rarely cause you wouldn’t put 50 Lt in a vending machine), it returned my 10 Lat but also showed 10 Lat credit. This means that every time you put 10 Lat into it and buy something, you get 10Lat+(10Lat-price) back. And that is a bad way to make money :)

So we waited the entire night for our flight, then by the time our plane was being boarded, we were not so sharp anymore so we were in no rush. And that was a huge failure. While I got to stand in a shorter queue at bags check, put all my stuff back together quite quickly and got into plane at last minutes, Andrius got into longest queue and didn’t manage to get into the plane in time. FAIL.

Anyway, I got to Oslo airport in no time, then bought a train ticket to Oslo central station for 94 NOK (around 34 Lt) and then to KringsjƄ student village with metro for 24 NOK (almost 9 Lt). The funny thing is that when you buy train ticket, the track is not written on it and the destination station is not written there. You just have to KNOW that it is track 4 to Oslo central station. When you arrive there, you hear some norwegian blah blah but you can tell from the view that it is central station. And in the central station there are no obvious signs where to go to find metro (T-BANE), you have to use the Force and go to the right side.


When I arrived at the student village, I had to choose from several rooms. I chose the one with TV cable connection :) While we will be paying around 3000 NOK (around 1100 Lt) for living there (Internet, water, etc. included), there were no bed sheets, no pillows, the temperature was 13C (rising very slowly since then) and there was no internet connection at first because they switched my name with my surname at the Music Academy. There are a lot of children gardens around and a lot of magpies


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