obex-data-server 0.4.1

October 25, 2008 on 9:01 pm | In obex-data-server | 10 Comments

obex-data-server 0.4.1 released: http://tadas.dailyda.com/software/obex-data-server-0.4.1.tar.gz.

0.4.1 is a bug fix release. It fixes several issues related to ServerSession object.


  • Fix a race condition when client app misses ServerSession.TransferStarted signal
  • Do not use g_assert for checking if DBus context is set in Session and ServerSession methods
  • Fix TransferStarted signal emission in ServerSession

While ods incorrectly checks for Bluez 3.13, it is only possible to compile ods against Bluez 3.34 or newer (including 4.x releases of course). This will be corrected for the next ods release.

obex-data-server 0.4

October 17, 2008 on 4:54 pm | In obex-data-server | 5 Comments

obex-data-server 0.4 released: http://tadas.dailyda.com/software/obex-data-server-0.4.tar.gz.

0.4 finally gets released. Major highlights of this release are BIP profile support, USB transport support (ATM only for sessions), Bluez 4.x support (remains compatible with Bluez 3.x as well) and last but not least: capability object support for FTP and BIP servers. Many other new features and lots of bug fixes also included :)

0.4 API is incompatible with 0.3.4. See what has changed: Migrating to 0.4.
Also take a look at:
new API docs
Building obex-data-server
Configuring obex-data-server


  • Implement partial BIP profile support (ImagePush and RemoteDisplay features supported)
  • Add support for Bluez 4.x (also still compatible with Bluez 3.x)
  • Add support for USB transport (only for Sessions ATM)
  • Add a way to cancel Session connection (Manager.CancelSessionConnect)
  • FTP servers now expose a capability object
  • When creating new files, set permissions according to umask
  • Add a way to specify source Bluetooth adapter for Sessions (changed CreateBluetoothSession)
  • Let applications know about all sessions/servers running (GetServerList(), GetSessionList() methods)
  • Lots of other bug fixes

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