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August 27, 2007 on 11:45 pm | In GNOME, obex-data-server | 2 Comments

First of all sorry for not posting SoC project reports in blog. This was because either I didn’t find time to do that or I didn’t think it would be interesting to read. Now that there is something to show I might actually do so..

My SoC project was called “gnome-bluetooth and bluez-gnome improvements and unification”. Now the original plan was to improve GNOME Bluetooth stack but the actual result is a total rewrite.

My main goal during summer was to implement obex-data-server which is a DBus service providing easy to use API for using OBEX protocol (both client and server wise). Current implementation supports OPP (Object Push Profile) and FTP (File Transfer Profile). This means that you can have FTP server running on your Bluetooth adapter with several lines of python, you can also do all client operations without having to use openobex directly or knowing any of low-level OBEX stuff.

obex-data-server is written in glibish C and uses dbus-glib bindings. You can acquire it’s code from here (svn) or browse here. No releases yet, since I have to finish it up properly.

obex-data-server effectively deprecates libbtctl and gnome-bluetooth. All of gnome-bluetooth functionality will be provided in bluez-gnome very soon.

gnome-obex-send will be replaced by bluez-sendto which I’m currently working on. Of course, it will use obex-data-server DBus api and will be somewhat more complete. I will also implement “File sharing” tab in bluez applet where you will be able to easily enable FTP and OPP OBEX servers. I will probably also rewrite gnome-vfs-obexftp to use obex-data-server and gvfs some time in the near future.

And now for some visual material :) I did a screencast showcasing obex-data-server. You can see how few lines of python are needed to launch OBEX servers by checking out

obex-data-server screencast (OGG)

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